Discover high quality inks & toner replacements.

INQ is a new brand of premium products. Our experience combined with proven, reliable solutions guarantee high quality of INQ products offered..

Exquisite quality of color reproduction

High quality pigments used in INQ products come from the 50 largest manufacturers. Those pigments provide exceptional quality printouts – comparable with the results achieved using original products.

Guarantee of high quality & reliability

99% RELIABILITY OF OUR PRODUCTS. All our replacements have a 5-year quality guarantee confirmed by ISO certificates. Rigorous Quality control and quality of our suppliers’ components ensure the safety of your printouts.

Experienced premium brand.

The company’s character is not determined by its name, statute or legal acts. It is determined by clients’ needs. Those are fulfilled when he buys a product or a service. Customer satisfaction is the core mission and goal of every company. The answer to the question of what our company is can be obtained only by looking at it from the outside, from the point of view of the customer and the market.

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High Quality & Reliability


effective product reliability level

All INQ substitutes have a 5-year quality guarantee confirmed by ISO certificates. Strict control of the product standard and high quality components (from the world’s 50 best suppliers) ensure the safety of your printouts.

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